New Hertz Arena Videoboard Unveiled

Hoffmann Creative Agency Naples FL

Hertz Arena is well underway with the promised updates and renovations. The 8,424-person arena, home to the Florida Everblades,  has already seen extensive improvements including remodeled suites and a Category 5 hurricane-resistant roof.

Among the updates, the arena is now home to a state-of-the-art video scoreboard. The video board made its live debut Friday evening, in a Florida Everblades hockey game against the South Carolina Stingrays. 

“I was sitting here the other day, and it looks like it fits. It looks like it should be there. It almost has an NHL feel, and it’s the perfect size for this arena.”

– Garrett Weller, Audio/Video and Creative Services Manager for Hertz Arena/Everblades

The new video board cost about $2 million dollars and was one of the first purchases made once David Hoffmann acquired both Hertz Arena and the Everblades. The new video board also boasts a whopping 2.5 million pixels, compared to the old one which had only 14,000, which means it’s nearly 90% LED.

A time-lapse of the old video board being dismantled was posted on Hertz Arena’s Instagram. Check out the video below:

“When Mrs. Hoffmann and Mr. Hoffmann first came into the arena for the first time long before they made the decision to buy, she said that this place needs a new video board.”

– Craig Brush, CEO of Hertz Arena

Craig Brush, CEO of Hertz Arena as well as the General Manager of the Florida Everblades, was very pleased about seeing the new video board, especially from his office that overlooks the arena, according to Naples Daily News.

The video board has space available for advertisements.

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