Who Are the Hoffmanns?

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The Hoffmann family has recently been making local headlines seemingly constantly. Through acquisitions such as Hertz Arena, The Naples Princess, and countless other Naples’ staples known to locals and beyond, the Hoffmann name has quickly become a community herald. The global business owners and philanthropists have become the largest commercial real estate property owners in Naples, supporting over 1100 jobs and investing millions of dollars back into the community they now call home.

But who are the Hoffmanns?

David and Jerri Hoffmann decided to call Naples home in 2015, relocating from Illinois, after countless vacations in the paradise city we call home. Recently, the highschool-sweethearts-turned-business-titans couple celebrated their 47th anniversary. The Hoffmanns have three children and ten grandchildren.

The Hoffmanns extend their community involvement beyond just business relations and are active within charitable, arts, and civic organizations. Currently, they are trustees of the Naples Children & Education Foundation, and David Hoffmann is also a director at the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens along others.

What is Hoffmann Family of Companies?
The Hoffmann Family of Companies consists of 29 properties locally, 96 nationwide, and 170 operations globally. The company has invested nearly $500 million as is, with a goal of $600 million by end of year back into the SWFL community, employing over 1,100 people. 
The family of companies includes: 
The Hoffmann portfolio includes Osprey Capital, LLC, a global private company with ties to more than 27 countries.
Why Naples?

“We’re going to create a hospitality environment in Southwest Florida that is unified and has some cohesiveness to it, in an offering that is going to attract people from all over the world.” – David Hoffmann

The Hoffmanns wanted to invest in a city they loved to visit. Since calling Naples their home-base, the Hoffmanns have been heavily investing in Naples and the greater Southwest Florida region. Their goal is to turn Naples into the next “Disneyland for adults” through acquisitions of hospitality companies in the area that drive culture locally and beyond.

Hoffmann looks for companies with a certain synergy, where they essentially feed off of one another and recommend customers to each other. For example, if someone goes on a cruise, they can also enjoy the mini golf course and go for dinner at The Bevy. 

Downtown Naples has already seen a “rebirth” as new traffic continues to rise for the business, in essence revitalizing the area whether in season or not. For more information on the Hoffman Family of Companies, check out this great article by the Business Observer of Florida or Hoffmann Family of Companies.  

The Hoffmann Family

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