Town and Country Nursery Added To Growing Missouri Portfolio

Hoffmann Creative Agency Naples FL

Town and Country Nursery offers landscape services including maintenance, installation, irrigation, hardscape, and nursery and garden center in additions to snow removal and other seasonal services.  Town and Country currently provides services to the town of Augusta as well as being a key component to maintaining the “Hoffmann Standard” for landscaping and maintenance at many of the Hoffmann owned properties in and around Augusta.  The company will immediately double in size with the hiring of at least 14 additional workers to accommodate existing customer and add new ones.

With the addition of Town and Country to the Hoffmann portfolio additional projects will soon begin in Augusta such as the planting of vines on the hillside of Montelle and on the former Emmaus Homes campus in Marthasville and 5 acres of vineyards as part of the recently approved Hoffmann Lodge hotel being built between Church and Jackson St off Highway 94 in Augusta.  Another added benefit of Town and County is their nursery and ability to grow and nurture new vines for planting on the growing 1,100 acres the Hoffmanns currently own.

“We’re excited all the staff will be joining us as part of the family of companies and have already hit the ground running on projects such as the renovations at Mount Pleasant Estates and Balducci Vineyards.” Don Simon, CEO Town and Country Nursery.

The Hoffmanns made news in January with their $100million plan to put Augusta, Missouri, America’s first recognized wine region, on the map as a world wide wine destination to the likes of Napa Valley and France.  The plan includes a luxury 5 star hotel, 250 passenger yacht, winery and gator vineyard tours, wine trolleys, a old time general store, gas station, bike shop, classic cars, bronze sculpture walk, world class dining and award winning wine.  The Hoffmann Family of Companies through their acquisitions and expansions will create 500 jobs to the area and through additional acquisitions over the next three years will grow to over 1,000.  To date the company has acquired five vineyards, four wineries and three businesses along with ten buildings in downtown Augusta and have started four businesses to date in the area.

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