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NOA Medical Industries, part of the Hoffmann Family of Companies, has been recognized as the top contributor to the Senior Living Advocacy organization out of all program partners and companies.

NOA Medical Industries, along with 86 supplier partners from 54 companies attended the Direct Supply led Senior Living Advocacy event in Milwaukee, WI on October 6th, 2022.  Senior Living Advocacy is an organization of suppliers and service providers that launched in 2017 with a shared mission to improve the lives and push for positive change in support of America’s Seniors. The organization plays a critical role to advocate for funding and information sharing with our government officials. Together, the organization is shaping the state of the industry narrative in a way that both educates and encourages action by our nation’s policymakers who steer federal policy.  Through the continued investment in “Tell Our Stories”, attention is being brought to the most critical issues impacting America’s Seniors.

“NOA Medical is extremely proud of being recognized has the top contributor of the Senior Living Advocacy initiative. In conjunction with the Hoffmann Family of Companies, we will continue to support this worthwhile cause in the future, in providing support for our aging population.” Ray Ganz, President Hoffmann NOA Medical, Inc.

For over 30 years NOA Medical Industries has been a recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of high quality, fully adjustable, electric and manual high/low bed systems, hydraulic tilt and recline wheelchairs, and sleep safety accessories for the Long-Term Care market. NOA prides themselves on their ability to continually develop new bed systems and sleep safety products that effectively meet the needs of customers and their residents. NOA Medical Industries products are the standard from which to measure high/low bed systems, their quality, function and design.

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