Mitch’s Cookies Expands And Makes 5th Avenue Sweeter

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There’s a new sweetness in the air down on 5th Avenue. Mitch’s Cookies, a small old-fashioned soda shop and dessert bar, has opened its second location Monday in downtown Naples. The husband and wife team of Lynn and Mitch Mitchell will continue to run and operate their original location with their team of, “Soda Jerks” on Davis Blvd., next to Tacos & Tequila Cantina.

Mitch’s Cookies has over 50 different exclusive gourmet cookie recipes. The menu also includes items such as milkshakes, sundaes, floats, egg creams, ice cream sandwiches, and other desserts. Gift options and private cookie labels are also available.
Mitch, who had been baking cookies for years, giving them away to family and friends for the holidays, was inspired to create the shop after receiving amazing feedback. So, Lynn bought a spiral notebook and wrote Mitch’s Cookies on the cover and Mitch’s Cookies was born in 2013.

In 2016, Lynn and Mitch developed Mitch’s Cookies into their first old school drugstore soda fountain shop. The concept includes an authentic Stanley Knight soda fountain, twirling stools, a 1929 cash register, and black and white sitcoms on the television, with a very fitting motto: “Take a step back in time and make new old-fashioned memories!

The Hoffmann Family of Companies is excited to have another amazing small family-run business continue to grow and expand. Th
Lynn and Mitch

“I will admit, and I know I shouldn’t, but if I was left alone with a box of Mitch’s Cookies they’d be gone within the hour.  Lynn and Mitch are amazing people. I’ve known them for a number of years and am glad to finally have access to an unlimited supply of their cookies as well as bring two additional small business owners to our family.  We invest in the people behind the businesses, this is what we believe it most.  It’s the people that make the business, not just the product.”
– David Hoffmann


After opening of the new location in downtown Naples, Mitch’s Cookies will continue to grow alongside new locations of Tacos and Tequila. Additionally, a new storefront will open in Winnetka, IL on their main street, and will be offered at Hoffmann family-owned businesses.

Visit Mitch’s Cookies at 520 Park St., just off Fifth Avenue South.


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