Hoffmann Sanitizing Services Sets The “Hoffmann Standard” For Sanitation & Disinfecting During Pandemic

Hoffmann Creative Agency Naples FL

Addressing the growing needs of the community and local businesses during the times of COVID-19, The Hoffmann Family of Companies has established a new service to help businesses reopen safely and continue to operate safely during these times, Hoffmann Sanitizing Services.

The Hoffmann name throughout SWFL is associated with high end commercial property and investment into the community.  The “Hoffmann Standard” exists in each property bought, brought up to it’s standard and maintained as well as each business within the family of companies.  This standard now exists when it comes to performing sanitation services for businesses and clients.

Utilizing their team of fully licensed and insured technicians, Hoffmann Sanitizing Services uses state of the art and industry leading electrostatic / ULV fogging along with CDC approved COVID killing solutions to battle the spread of the virus.  With only a 4-5 minute dry time after application, there is no health risks involved and no harsh chemical odor or residue left behind.  The treatment kills aerosol particulates as well, which has mounting evidence of transmission possibility by the W.H.O.  Sanitizing businesses helps promote a safe work environment for employees, knowing their offices and workplace is cleaned as well as gives customers an added level of comfort in knowing their health and safety is a priority.

Hoffmann Sanitizing Services comes to your place of business and can sanitize offices, conference rooms, locker rooms, lavatories and vehicles.  Each service comes with a dated certificate of application to be used for display or kept on file.

For more information on Hoffmann Sanitizing Services, please contact (239) 260-3250 or visit www.HoffmannSanitizingServices.com.

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