Hoffmann Family of Companies Acquires Topiary Creations

Hoffmann Creative Agency Naples FL

The Hoffmann Family of Companies has acquired Topiary Creations as part of their strategy to build out their large agricultural offering throughout the United States.  The combined companies of American Farms and Topiary Creations ship millions of flowers, bougainvillea, and topiary creations nationwide on a fleet of over 65 refrigerated tractor trailer trucks.

Topiary Creations is located east of Naples, Fla. in Golden Gate Estates, adjacent to the recently acquired American Farms.  Combined, the two companies grow annuals, perennials, topiary, and bougainvillea on 200 acres and are then shipped throughout the United States.  Family owned and operated since 1989, Topiary Creations is the premiere provider of bougainvillea, topiary and tropical shrubs with a commitment to quality.

“Topiary Creations further continues our commitment to grow our agriculture business.  Coupled with American Farms, World Wide Farms, our 1,500+ acres of vineyards in Missouri (the largest in the Midwest), four golf courses, nurseries and tree farms we have large agricultural offerings in the United States and Mexico.” Says David Hoffmann, founder of Hoffmann Family of Companies.

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