Growing Midwest Agricultural Business Through Acquisition of Hillermann Nursery and Florist

Hoffmann Creative Agency Naples FL

The Hoffmann Family of Companies, who in January 2021 announced their $150 million investment to turn Augusta, Missouri into an international wine destination, have acquired Hillermann Nursery and Florist. Combined with Town & Country Nursery, Ferguson Valley Nursery, and their 1,500 acres of vineyards in Missouri with Chicago and Mexico-based World Wide Farms, and Topiary Creations and American Farms of Florida, The Hoffmans have a vast agricultural portfolio that spans the United States.

Founded by Don Hillermann in the spring of 1951, Hillermann Nursery started as a hobby. Today, Hillermann’s is a large, diversified company, employing 70 people and providing a wide variety of services. These services include Garden Center, Nursery, Florist/Gift Shop, Landscape, Lighting & Irrigation Design and Installation, Grading & Seeding, Aquatic Weed Control, Snow Removal, Spraying, and Lawn and Garden Equipment Sales and Service.

“We’re excited to have the Hillermann team join the family of companies and all our employees in Missouri. With the combined companies and nurseries, we will be able to better serve our businesses in the area, and the community, as well as offer services in new areas we did not before.” Don Simon, CEO of Missouri Operations. “We’ll be hiring 20 more employees almost immediately to grow the business and keep up with demand.”

In addition to the Missouri agriculture portfolio, the Hoffmanns distribute organic herbs and microgreens from Illinois to grocery stores in the Midwest under the Meyer Farms and World Wide Farms brands. The Hoffmann’s also distribute more than a million annual and perennial flowers and bougainvillea nationwide through Florida-based American Farms and Topiary Creations, which will start supplying Hillermann, along with other area stores.

“It’s important for us to diversify our portfolio and support our existing businesses while there continues to be more and more supply chain issues.” Geoff Hoffmann, Co-CEO Hoffmann Family of Companies.

“As with all our acquisitions, the existing management and staff will remain on board with us and continue to run and grow the business while we offer support and capital to do so.” Greg Hoffmann, Co-CEO Hoffmann Family of Companies.

Maintaining the existing management and staff is important to the Hoffmann process, this ensures a smooth transition, as well as ensures existing customers, vendors, and clients continue to receive the service they expect and have always received. “We’re excited to join forces. The Hoffmanns have some exciting projects that we look forward to being part of and the Hoffmanns have emphasized many times that nothing will change in the business of taking care of customers.” Scott Hillermann, President Hillermann Nursery & Florist.

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