A hoffmann family business

Adelheidi's Organics

Naples, FL

Adelheidi's Organics

Acquired January 2018


Adelheidi’s might make one think of a little girl climbing an Alpine mountain and picking flowers while visiting her grandfather’s house. And yes, all frozen desserts are old-world handcrafted and entirely from scratch. But if you look closer you quickly find Adelheidi’s wild and state-of-the-art side: Gelato and Ice Cream come in such imaginative flavors as Strawberry-Basil, Chocolate-Lavender, Mango-Chili, White Rose and Cardamon, as well as timeless favorites Vanilla Bean, Butter Pecan and Peanut Butter. You’ll taste the difference as the ingredients are ALL ORGANIC with NO TOXINS. Furthermore we use grass-fed milk and cream and you can taste the difference. Adelheidi’s motto is well expressed…

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